Healthy lifestyle advice for men broadcasted over the radio

Tons of articles exist all over the internet that talks about how to live a healthier lifestyle. Today on the radio we heard about a topic that isn’t regularly covered.

A tumblr paged called como agrandar el pene is recently building up buzz. Its not so much that the page is very interesting. Its really more about the information that is promoted and how the owner decided to promote it. The owner decided to use tumblr instead of just using a regular site. When was the last time you went to tumblr to look for health related advice. Its even more interesting that they talk about male enhancement and penis enlargement. However it does appear to be increasing in popularity so there might be something more to it. Its sometimes hard to find accurate health information online. That page might just be a good one though.

While I am not arguing if the information on there is right or not, I would argue that one should go to a reliable source such as If that isn’t reliable enough for you perhaps talking to a doctor in person might make more sense. Either way we recommend that you do a bit of research before deciding to take advice from an unknown source. There is nothing wrong with printing out some information and taking it to your doctor for him to review. Or simply just look it up on your phone when you are there.